Our slogan – JOIN THE GOOD WAY – describes the company philosophy of goodboards and the special attitude towards life in our region.

Would you like to find out more about us?

  • We are a German and owner-managed company, based on the beautiful Lake Ammersee
  • We develop our products together with end users, dealers and team drivers
  • We only use high-quality and sustainable materials for a positive ecological balance, more performance and long-lasting boards
  • We rely on honest craftsmanship in Europe with fair wages for experienced craftsmen and pay attention to ecologically sound production.
  • To ensure an optimal balance between supply and demand, we only issue one limited series for each model.
  • Every year we organize over 180 test drives/rides with competent advice and a recommendation of shops
  • We selectively sell our boards through local specialty stores that we know personally and who live, love and promote our sports
  • We are growing sustainably and continuously increasing the level of awareness through numerous tests and word of mouth from satisfied customers

Who are the makers of goodboards?

If you have both feet firmly on the ground, you can also strap boards underneath – that’s what Josef, Maik and Sandra thought.

Whether water or snow, you can glide over it, carve, powder, drift, slide and much more. We love it.

In 2010 Josef Holub, born in Prague, all-round athlete and father of 3 children, founded goodboards and was finally able to transfer over 20 years of experience into the snowboard industry to develop his own boards.

Maik Friese is a trained carpenter and started out as a test driver for goodboards. He has now been a reliable friend for many years and a business partner since 2012. He’s definitely the best for sales.

Sandra Schäfer, mother of 3 children, turned her hobby into a profession in September 2016. At goodboards she takes care of the back office and accompanies us to many tests and trade fairs.

Our company is based on Lake Ammersee, between Munich and the Alps.

Clear air, the lake at our doorstep and the mountains so close. This special quality of life in the region is rounded off by friendly and sporty people. This creates an ideal, creative and healthy climate for us.

Goodboards are developed and sold in Germany – which is where we pay our taxes.

Our designers from Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Fürth, Nuremberg, Schwäbisch Gmünd and Schondorf am Ammersee are passionate boarders and creative graphic artists.

We work in a fair and independent manner. We are neither dominated by foreign investors nor driven by the urge for mass production. What drives us is our soul and passion for good boards.


The design often sells the board, but the other materials are critical to performance, durability and fun.

We love timeless designs with lots of wooden elements and have already received 7 design awards for this.

To ensure that the construction is particularly well protected, looks good and lasts for a long time, the top sheet is thicker than usual. For the most part, we leave these foils unprinted and use veneers made from European woods as design elements. We obtain them from a timber dealer only 70 km away. Mineral oil-free inks are used for the printed design.

With triaxial or quadraxial glass fabric in the top chord, we achieve a 20% better power transmission for you compared to simple fabric. The whole construction is more stable, less glue is bound and, above all, the pretension is retained longer. We have this great fabric produced just 50 km away from the factory.

The wood core consists of two different hard and light woods, which we tailor exactly to our ideas in our in-house joinery. The harder wood, which has been gently air-dried for over a year for use in stress zones, such as edges and inserts, comes from sustainably managed forestry only 200 km away. The lighter wood for the less stress zones grows on specially created plantations so that no naturally grown forests are cut down.


Where, how, why?

  • We keep the transport routes short through regional production
  • We produce where we, our families and our children live – in Europe
  • The craftsmanship with many years of experience and high quality control are more important to us than supposedly low prices in Asia
  • Our factory is located in the Czech Republic and is only a 5-hour drive from our location on Lake Ammersee
  • There are no time or cultural differences
  • We only produce the pre-orders of our partners, plus 15% for our warehouse


Good family & friends

Team riders only, or unique personalities?

Our team riders, ambassadors and friends are almost constantly out and about somewhere in the world in the snow or on the water, always in their element. They promote goodboards, help develop new products and give us ideas on how we can make our boards even better in order to increase the fun and enjoyment.

We thank you for your commitment and wish you many unique days with goodboards.

Frank Sosna

Katharina (Knatti) Klein

Nic Schacht

Ela Stocker

Frederic Bauer

Swen Michalzik

Reinhard Milz

Sven Huppert